Karnam is based on a few core beliefs. At the heart of those principles is a focus on quality & comfort. The way our fabric collection is made from the different part of India to the type of needle and stitching used, We passionately define our quality standards so your pieces can be worn well and often.
As our fabrics are hand spun, hand-woven in fabrics you may find variations and irregularities in the fabric, which are not necessarily quality problem, but are integral to and characteristic of hand-loom which make fabric more beautiful.
Our fabrics are smooth and the detailing purposeful. The interior seams are clean and finished. The trims are strong and sophisticated. Our pieces are well-constructed, versatile, and easy to care for.
We create clothing that works for your lifestyle and holds up along the way. The details are purposeful. We work with natural materials like cotton, silk, and Tencel, organic cotton, recycle yarns, linen, and other blends, We create beautiful handwoven fabric collection is produced in different part of India, with ethical facilities and independent artisans — so we produce less waste & foot print on our planet earth to create better future for the planet and the people we work with.
Signature details like French seams, Selvedge, side gussets, and crafted buttons, with fabric ornaments like Checks, Stripe, Jamdani, Prints & Embroidery. 
Timeless pieces with comfortable fits. The garments are made with key attention on comfort so all the are easy to wear anytime in the life.
Exceptional, consciously sourced fabrics. We make the quality handwoven textiles from different part of the India, like Jamdani, Muslin,Silk, Linen, Hand Print & Embroidery with Naturally dyed fabrics, that feel good against your skin and get better with wear.

Timeless, Contemporary, well-made essentials that redefine the meaning of effortless style. Our silhouettes are comfortable & Anti-fit. Clothing that moves with you. 


Our mission is to promote fairer trading conditions and empower artisans and workers to combat poverty with sustainability to make better future for the planet and the people we work with. 

We take customer feedback seriously and improve our best selling products every year — because we can always do better.