Our commitment as a brand is to keep learning, exploring, and innovating. With every decision we make, we will always choose the most responsible path.

we make fabrics from weavers of India and reinterpreting them in a contemporary effortless style. Our purpose is to impact change beyond textiles to make rural artisan production sustainable, We take every step possible to show great care to the people involved in making our clothing.

we recognize our responsibilities towards the environment, Ecosystems, and local communities. Our weavers, printers, and other supply chains responsible & committed toward caring for our mother earth, Our mission is to promote fairer trading conditions and empower our weavers and workers to combat poverty with sustainability to make a better future for the planet and the people we work with.
Living more thoughtfully stands us all in good stead to reduce what we consume and think about our impact. This touches every part of our lives – how we live, how we dress, how we are, and what we do..


Fibers we use are Eco-friendly like Organic cotton, Linen, recycled Fibres, Tencel, Silk, Bamboo, or other new regenerated sustainable fibers, then we create handwoven fabric collection in using these.

Fabrics we make are handwoven in mixing with above fibers and create collections of fabric through hand-loom which is run through hand without electricity and process involved in that is Eco-friendly, we use Natural mostly or some of the azo-free dyed fabric and avoid any chemical use in making fabrics. Printing of fabric in hand block printing which is again Eco-friendly.

We follow Zero waste policy and we use all the small cutting in making of up-cycled garments or accessories.

The way we follow the process of creating concepts to converting into a piece of garments, We maximize using hand to make that & avoid wherever we can reduce the mechanism to increase the empower of artisans & workers.

Through Fair Trade we invest in the livelihoods of 20-25 Artisans & workers who bring our vision to life. We strongly believe in ethical & giving fair wages and deserving wages. We believe in creating a product that creates better livelihoods & better earth

We use our fabric waste cutting in the making of giving away bags; we use fabric for our packaging & carry bags to avoid plastic, which later can be used in many essentials.