About us



Karnam practice conscious and slow living, we emphasis minimum footprints in making our cloth, we craft our products with the very slow process while ensuring sustainability and local strength.

Karnam curates aesthetics around culture, history, and tradition, we work with weavers & artisans of India and create a timeless textile that is rooted in our soul. Which is timeless & season less & trend detached. 



We use high-quality hand-woven fabrics from West Bengal, Bhuj, Maheshwar, Rajasthan, and other parts of India. We work closely with our weaver communities and create beautiful naturally dyed, culturally inspired, and innovative hand-woven fabric in texture, motive, patterns, and blending the products with different fiber, keeping in mind zero waste, zero footprints, and upcycling.

Karnam celebrates a contemporized version of simplicity, comfort and timeless silhouette therefore our garments are made with careful craftsmanship. We are grateful to nature and culture. 




Behind Karnam:

Karnam was born in 2017 in a one-bedroom apartment, Behind Karnam duo husband & wife Kripa & Poonam who were always fascinated in India heritage textiles. Kripa studies textile design and from UP TECH and worked many years with various retail, manufacturing, and export organization, handled various positions in designing. All these organizations were working for the mass brand and fast fashion, Kripa & Poonam both together join Nift, to re-energize their thought to start a textile-based clothing brand that can work with artisan and weavers very closely and empower them for sustainable livelihood.


handmade in India with love