Iki : an expression of simplicity

Iki –
is a traditional aesthetic ideal in Japan.

Iki is an expression of simplicity, sophistication, spontaneity, and originality, which is defined as being refined in dress and manners, and it is considered good-looking. It also means “being humane,
The basis of iki is thought to have formed among urbane mercantile class Chounin) in Edo in the Tokugawa period (1603-1868). heartful and fashionable artisans who were typical in Tokugawa so their tastes affected the style and manner of Tatsumi Geisha. Tatsumi Geisha preferred light makeup, dressed in a plain greyish shuttle and earthy colors with a lively, ephemeral, original, refined life

Tokugawa culture – IKI is our inspiration. Their life and thought are calm and indifferent. We have converted that philosophy and idea to make our shapes, look and feel using minimalist design with subtle and rhythmic colors and originality in traditional weaving technique from naturally made fabric to achieve sophisticated phenomena with love and pride for culture
Our jamdani khadi made from Kolkata artisans and special extra weft technique organic cotton fabric from Bhuj, weaver have weaved sustainability in gratitude and converted our fabrics with love and passion,
Grateful to nature and culture
Rusutsu - Mix & match kala cotton gathered dress
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Rusutsu - Mix & match Kala cotton gathered dress. This dress in organic cotton kora with special extra weft technique stripe and buta design weave by weavers in Bhuj. It’s with side button opening neck with light gather in yoke and sleeve cuff....

Rs. 11,200.00
Kamoenai - kala cotton kurta Layered with pant set
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Kamoenai - Kala cotton kurta Layered with pant set. This kurta and pant in organic cotton kora with special extra weft technique stripe design weaved by Bhuj artisan. It’s with a round opening neck.  side cut and muslin layer inside of kurta. Kurta length -...

Rs. 14,500.00
Akaigawa - Kora cotton polka embroidered dress
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Akaigawa - Kora cotton polka dress. This dress in hand-spun & handwoven kora cotton with hand-embroidered polka dot in the yoke and running stitch from the bottom hem to upside in the dress, fabric weaved in West Bengal by the...

Rs. 5,900.00
Shimukapu - Black grid check hand-embroidered jacket
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Shimukapu - Black grid check hand-embroidered jacket. The jacket is in hand-spun & handwoven cotton fabric. it has an allover hand-embroidered polka dot, It's with one layer of fabric inside, the fabric weaved in West Bengal by artisans.  Jacket length - 40". Handmade...

Rs. 9,500.00
Sarabetsu - kora kala cotton culotte & top
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Sarabetsu - kora kala cotton culotte & top. This in top and skirt look culotte is in organic kora cotton with stripe and buta design in top & plain with selvedge detailing in culotte. Top Length - 28". Sleeveless top.Half side Pleat on top.Handmade in...

Rs. 3,500.00
Tsurui - Sleeveless kala cotton top
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Tsurui - Sleeveless Kala cotton top. This top is in organic cotton kora with special extra weft technique buta design. fabrics are made from Kutch artisans. Top Length - 28". Sleeveless top.Half side Pleat on top.Handmade in India. 100 % Organic cotton.  Relaxed fit. Yarn-dyed Buta.Handwoven...

Rs. 3,500.00
Yomogita - Kora muslin cape top
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Yomogita - Kora muslin cape top This cape is in hand-spun & handwoven muslin cotton with a hand-embroidered running stitch. front open with a tie knot. it is gathered cape can overlayer with all.  Cape Length - 24".Handmade in India. 100 %  cotton.  Hand-spun & Handwoven ...

Rs. 3,800.00
Nishimeya - Stripe shirt Freestyle
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Nishimeya - Stripe shirt freestyle. This shirt is in a hand-spun & handwoven cotton stripe. it is free size, with a loose fit, have gathered in shoulder and back yoke with high low in length. fabric weaved in West Bengal by artisans  ...

Rs. 4,500.00
Inakadate - Black Sleeveless top
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Inakadate - Black Sleeveless top This Sleeveless Top in hand-spun & handwoven azo-free dyed cotton with stripe & buta yoke Fabric is made in Bhuj. Top length - 25. Handmade in India. 100 %  cotton. Organic Cotton.Hand-spun & Handwoven.  Relaxed fit. A line.Sleeveless.Check the size guide for our measurements. Model is 5'6"...

Rs. 2,800.00
Tanohata - Mix & Match Up-cycled Kimono top & Pant
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Tanohata - Mix & Match Up-cycled Kimono top. This Kimono top is in our small unused cut piece combined and created the up-cycled top with hand-spun & handwoven fabric. its free size and has two size variations. Top length - 25". Pant Length -...

Rs. 4,500.00
Kunohe - Sleeveless double layered jamdani tunic
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Kunohe - Sleeveless double-layered jamdani tunic. This 2 piece dress set is in West Bengal handwoven cotton fabric. it's with stripe and buta jamdani in the outer layer and chambray in the inner layer, with azo-free dyed and round neck. both layer...

Rs. 8,000.00
Ōhira- Jamdani Pleated Yoke Dress
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Ōhira- Jamdani pleated yoke Dress. This dress is in West Bengal handwoven Jamdani fabric, with engineered stripe and half side polka dot jamdani buta. it has pleats in front and back yoke. 3/4 sleeves with gather in it.   Dress Length - 43". Handmade in...

Rs. 10,500.00